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At INTERGOLF we offer a choice of two course design options: Signature Course Design and Shaper Design.

Our Signature Courses Design provides the perfect way to blend our proven technical ability, creativity and experience with the unique vision a world class tournament player or designer can bring. Over the years we've worked with many noted Golf professionals and talented designers combining individual talents to create some truly  exceptional courses with instant name recognition. We can bring you the most recognised names on Tour or in Golf Course Design at a considerable savings without sacrificing quality.

Our In-house designs are conceived and drawn up  to be an economical alternative to the signature design series. The plans are drawn up in their entirety by company founder, Frank O'Dowd and his team. Influenced by the very best of Irish, Scottish and American Golf course design,as well as such notable designers as Alister Mac Kenzie, Pete Dye and Robert Trent Jones. Frank's work is unrivalled in terms of its attention to detail both on paper and in the field as well as its minimal environmental impact. You can read more about Frank's design philosophy here.

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